Baby Naomi Ruiz Arrives with a Little Adventure

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My wife Angela and I live less than two miles from the hospital where she was slated to give birth so when she started complaining of her first potentially real contractions late last night we weren’t too rushed to get to the emergency room.

Boy were we mistaken to wait! 

Within a few hours overnight, my wife’s contractions got progressively worse to the point that when I finally decided to rush her to the hospital the pain was paralyzingly severe.   My wife didn’t want to move.

“It’s too late!  I’m in full labor.  Call 911!  The ambulance has to come get me!”

My kids were now awake and I was totally frazzled.

“It will be quicker for me to get you to the hospital than for the paramedics to get here,” I told her.   “Just hold on a little bit longer!” 

As we opened the front door to leave, Angela’s water broke inside the house.  Her screams now exploded even louder and stronger than they previously had.  (Elena would later say “She sounded like an opera singer”).

On our way to the hospital, I called 911 to see if they could get the doctors at the hospital to wait for my wife outside the entrance to ER.  The 911 dispatcher told me they couldn’t do that because they don’t communicate with hospitals for emergencies they don’t handle directly.  Despite a horrible delay at a red light near the ER, we made it to the hospital just in time.

Less than 15 minutes after Angela entered the ER, at exactly 6:58 a.m., my wife gave birth to our daughter Naomi Ruiz.  I missed the actual labor by two minutes because I got stuck filling out hospital paperwork.  Noami weighed 6 pounds, 14 ounces and measured 19 1/2 inches.

First Moments and First Impressions

Upon seeing Naomi I had two reactions.  “Dang, I don’t ordinarily say this of newborns but this one’s cute.”  My middle daughter Briani and my son Jonathan were born with the alien look typical of most babies but Naomi came out with the blazing newborn cuteness of her older sister Elena.

My second thought was whether my wife was going to change her mind about calling her “Naomi” because she’s very picky about things like this and the last time we had a baby our child remained nameless for two full days.

Angela’s first reaction: “she’s got a lot of hair.”

The first sibling to hear Naomi cry over the phone was Jonathan.  His reaction: “Is that really her?  Already?”

Elena says her first reaction was to scrawl “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” on a piece of paper.

Briani’s reaction: “I want to hug my sister and I want to change my baby sister’s diaper.”

Night at the Hospital

The only thing that disappointed the kids ironically was that they didn’t have time to “wait” for their sister to be born.  My eldest kids had set aside their Guinness Book of World Records and an iPad in anticipation for the hospital waiting game they experienced with Briani.

Given that the kids didn’t have the opportunity to “wait” for Naomi to be born, my wife and I have decided that we’re going to do a very Latino family thing to cap this great day off: tonight, if the hospital permits the three kids, my wife and I will sleep together with Naomi in our private hospital suite.

Until Naomi is old enough to be part of our famous PapiBlogger road trips, little sleepover adventures like this will have to do.

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  • Sili Recio

    Congratulations! Look at those wise eyes! She’s going to be introspective and deep. I can tell that already! Tell Naomi that her bloggy family welcomes her and I hope you guys have a blast at the sleepover!

  • Glad baby Naomi and Mom are doing well and resting. That was a close one! Congratulations!

  • Both mother and baby are BELLAS!! What a beautiful end to the story, and what a beautiful life is awaiting all of you. Que asi sea y con muchos BB2U.

  • Rowena Sahulee

    Congratulations! What a lovely story. She came roaring into the world, I can’t wait to see what she’s got instore!

  • JewelsFabLife

    Congrats! I can’t wait to meet Naomi!

  • Happy to have been part of this magical moment. I gotta say, Angela is a trooper! She was already working ( i.e. giving orders/suggestions) 1 hour post-labor, hehe. Naomi is so adorable and tiny!!! Can’t wait to hold her ( as I didn’t have a chance today :-/) . Congrats!

  • Thank you for sharing this great post. I’m happy mom and baby are doing well, and you are right, she is a very cute baby. Congrats again and please keep posting your baby adventures. 🙂

  • Congrats to you, Angela and the kids!

    ~ Lisa

  • Justice Jonesie

    What a great story. Congrats to the both of you and OMG to Angela for doing it au natural– she gets super woman of the year award!

  • Your daughter is beautiful! Congratulations to you y toda la familia.

  • Arod1074

    So I was right!!?!! It’s a girl! Congrats !

  • Lynda Lurei

    Wow that’s crazy! Glad you got there just in time 😀 She looks so sweet! Definitely a good looking baby (

  • Piodelcas

    Really cute baby girl. Congrats Manny, Angela and siblings. Pio

  • Congratulations to the Ruiz family and to the brave mama!

  • well, as it turned out, the kids and I didn’t get to sleep in the hospital after all. Briani made too much of a ruckus (surprise/surprise) and Angela decided it was best for us to let her get some sleep alone with Naomi. Thanks for all your wonderful comments, tweets and emails everybody! We definitely feel the love 😉

  • Congratulations on your new addition. Happy to hear Angela & baby are okay. Also honored to hear baby Naomi & share the same birthday. She is beautiful!

  • sofiakeck

    Too cute for words. thanks for sharing and congratulations! you will have TONS to blog about now!!!

  • thanks again everyone for your wonderful wishes!

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