Puberty – and ‘The Talk’ – Scares the Crap Out of Me Thumbnail

My son Jonathan just started middle school and wouldn't you know it?  Two weeks after the school year began and a month after he joined his new tween tackle football team, Jonathan casually called his […] Read More >>

How we met NFL star Ray Lewis

How we met NFL star Ray Lewis Thumbnail

Baltimore Ravens star linebacker Ray Lewis recently read the story I wrote about my son's football dreams and decided he wanted to come watch him play yesterday. Well, ok, maybe that's not exactly true but he […] Read More >>

The Benchwarmer and the Water Boy

The Benchwarmer and the Water Boy Thumbnail

Taking your 11-year-old son to be the benchwarmer on his tackle football team every Saturday for an entire season is infuriating.  That’s not why we paid $300 for him to join a tackle football team […] Read More >>

Day 7 of Family Road Trip from Miami to Alaska: Crisis and Chaos in the PapiMobile Thumbnail

  Day 7 of our family road trip from Miami to Alaska was a day straight out of vacation HELL.  Everything that could have gone wrong seemed to have gone wrong times two on our […] Read More >>

Wacky PapiBlogger web site launches to showcase creative parenting tricks Thumbnail

MIAMI, FL (May 11, 2010) - With all due respect to the wonderful mamis of the booming blog world, it’s time for a papi to step in to the family blogging action. Today, Hispanic PR […] Read More >>