2011 Buick Enclave

Day 34 of Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: Sedona’s Wonderful Red Rocks Thumbnail

Sedona, Arizona is one of our favorite places in the whole United States so on the 34th day of our family road trip we ventured to see some of the things that makes this place […] Read More >>

Whales, Glaciers and Disney Parks: This Summer We’re Headed from Miami to Alaska on a Road Trip Thumbnail

  I just wanted to share with you the announcement that is going to be distributed today about the epic family blogging adventure that my wife, three kids and I are kicking off this week. […] Read More >>

Miami to Alaska Family Road Trip: A Look at this Year’s PapiMobile Thumbnail

Record or no record, PapiBlogger is proud to say that this year our family will be traveling from Miami to Alaska in one of the most comfortable, safe vehicles in the nation.  This summer's ultra […] Read More >>

Plankiando Con PapiBlogger

Plankiando Con PapiBlogger Thumbnail

A 2011 Buick Enclave, the official PapiMobile. Earlier today PapiBlogger and several of his social media friends got together in Miami to engage in some Plankiando.  Starting next week PapiBlogger and his family will be […] Read More >>