Win two $150 gift cards with my #RoadtripProTips Trunk Safety Giveaway sponsored by State Farm

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Safety is one of the biggest things we have to practice during family road trips so today I’m partnering with State Farm to launch a cool giveaway about trunk safety that features two $150 gift cards and two trunk safety kits.

To enter we want you to answer this question in your own way: What is one thing you should never keep in the trunk of your vehicle?  I had a little fun answering it in the short Instagram video featured above.

The giveaway ends Friday, July 18 at 5 p.m. ET.

To participate in the giveaway (you can submit one entry per day) kindly put your short response to this question in the box section below.  It features multiple ways you can submit an entry.


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DISCLAIMER: State Farm compensated me for this post but the opinions expressed in the video are solely mine.

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  • anne hill

    never leave your food in the trunk of a car

  • Lynne T.

    You should never leave a dead body in the trunk of your car, LOL!!

  • Papiblogger

    great advice!

  • Papiblogger

    some smell worse than others 🙂

  • Sami

    Here is another Iphone 5S giveaway

  • doreenwrks

    Never leave food in the trunk of a car! purposedrivenlife4you(at)gmail(dot)com

  • carogonza

    A pet.

  • never leave a pet or person in the trunk! oh no!!

  • Never leave your keys in the trunk!

  • tina m

    never leave your kids!!!!!

  • George Torres

    Food… the bears will rip your car open like a can of sardines.

  • Livivua Ramsey

    you should never leave wet clothing in the car

  • Henry Cervera

    You should never leave your deodorant in your car! It will melt!

  • Mary Jenkins

    Never leave fresh broccoli in the trunk of your car. After it sits a few days in the sun, it’s a smell worse than death!

  • Our car is always full of beach items. So that we never forget anything when we go RoadTrips with the family.

  • Christine Darnell

    You should never leave a kid in the trunk of your car!!

  • Guest

    You should never leave ur iphone in ur trunk cuz then no kiddo selfies. #RoadtripProTips #newdaddychronicles meets #papiblogger 😉

  • Mando Rayo

    That’s me! I don’t why it logged me in as guest? Good luck Manny, Angela and familia on the road trip!

  • Daniela Tapia

    Never leave your soccer cleats in your trunk after a game !

  • Ashley C

    Never leave groceries in the car in the summer, especially refrigerated items… I’ve had this happen more times than I care to admit


  • Heather Hayes Panjon

    Never Leave Your Car Keys In Your Trunk!

  • BohemianBabushka

    Milk/Dairy Products should never be left in the trunk of a car.

  • Tiffany C

    Never leave crayons in the car trunk, lesson learned the hard way when it melted all over and made a hard to clean mess!

  • kymnasium

    Never left restaurant leftover food in your trunk especially raw fish sushi…Oh gosh that will break a nose & have alot of cats around your car lol

  • leyn16

    Dont ever leave a person or pets in the trunk. No foods or milk. You don’t want a smelly car! No veggies like tomatoes or cauliflower. Take care of your car and the people around you!

  • Plastic water bottles – the BPA leeches into the water! yuck! (oh and of course not people nor pets in the trunk either.)

  • Laura Tellado

    You should never leave perishable foods in your trunk. 🙂

  • Two Dart Mom

    Never leave any food in your trunk

  • Isabel Garcia

    You should never leave junk that you don’t use in your trunk. Keep it clean!

  • Sol

    Never leave motor oil in the trunk. On a hot day, the container will leak.

  • Amelia Folkes

    Love your tip Mando!! And cutie pies too!

  • rachel

    Ice cream 🙂

  • bkkihega

    I would say never leave food in the trunk. We’ve done that and forgot about it….needless to say it stunk pretty darn bad!

  • Leslie

    Never leave a pet or kids in the car!

  • latanya t

    my child

  • Debbie

    Never leave leftovers in the trunk overnight!

  • Amanda

    You should never leave food in your trunk, especially meat. Or milk, particularly if it spills. The stink will last for weeks!

  • Patty

    Never leave even slightly damp towels, clothes, or shoes (from the beach or pool) in the trunk beyond the trip home that day… it’s almost impossible to get rid of that musty/moldy smell! 🙂

  • Elle

    Plastic water bottles and perishable good items!

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