Funny Family Video: Jonathan Accidentally Eats A Jalapeño

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Parenting Tip: In the event your child eats a Jalapeño have them immediately drink some milk. Water won’t do anything to cure the heat but milk will bring it under control.

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  • Diana

    poor guy! I feel his pain. Good thing he didn’t have it on his hands and rub his eyes!

  • Anonymous

    The first time I accidentally ate one I was not married to my Mexican American wife so I tried to “cool” the heat with two consecutive cans of Coke and nothing helped. The Mexican waitress who helped us never told me about this trick and so now that I know the universal solution a lot of other people know I wonder if she didn’t tell me on purpose so she can see me act as ridiculous as my son did with me :-)

  • Viviann

    Stubborn isn’t he?

  • Anonymous

    yep, he would have been cured much quicker than he eventually was!

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