Has Your Kid Done Something More Disgusting Than This? Tell Us and Win a Pocket Video Camera

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I warped the colors in this photo so you believe what I said without gagging.

I was journaling something sweet about my two-year-old daughter Briani the other day when she suddenly stood in front of the bedroom fan looking at me.  In just seconds a rancid smell of caca hit my nose prompting me to notice that she not only had her diapers by her ankles but that her hands and neck were stained with poop.

“Ha, ha!” she said mischeviously as I rushed to her side to contain the poop and told her not to move.  A quick scan of the nearby floor and hallway revealed a major case “of poopizide.”

In what is now officially the most disgusting thing that any of my three kids has ever done, Briani quietly and apparently happily “painted” our hallway’s walls with her brown stuff.   To make matters worse, Briani soon started to pee on the floor in the same spot where I told her to wait.

Lucky for her she’s so cute because what I really wanted to do was to scream.  Instead, I just smiled inside and realized this is something I’m never going to forget.  My 10-year-old Jonathan once tasted a piece of his poop and Elena once ate half of a small dead roach but this was crazier and even more disgusting than those.

After the poopizide was done I gave Briani a much-needed bath and I waited for my wife to get home so she could see what our daughter had done.  We laughed, took some photos and realized this is the joy of parenthood.

In the spirit of crazy parenting moments I’m giving away a cool pocket video camera to the person who can tell us the most disgusting, funny thing that any of their children ever did when they were young.  PapiBlogger will pick three finalists and put them up for an online vote online.  Entries must be posted as a comment to this story.  The deadline is November 10.

P.S.  My wife used the Lysol wipes to clean the walls.  Those things worked like a charm.

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  • Adalia

    Bueno aqui va mi historia jaja, fue algo parecida, pero solo que la mia fue en el carro, que horrorrr, creo que mi hija pequena me a hecho mas travesuras que la grande, pues ibamos en el carro ya como a una hora de la casa, cuando se empezo a sentir un olor raro, y se imaginan enmedio de la carretera, y con un accidente de esos, nooooooooooooo, yo voltie a ver y si lo que me imaginaba una fiesta de popis, de pies a cabeza y junto a eso la silla del carro, y que hacer en esos casos, la nina hermosa jugando con “eso” ;0), pero que increible como que lo que le habia pasado era cosa de chiste, ella tan tranquila y toda relajada, hasta aplaudiendo estaba jaja, y ni modo a parar y a tratar de solucionar un poco el problema mientras llegabamos a nuestro destino, enserio que no se lo deseo a nadie, pero en ciertos casos como que algunas mamis estamos mas preparadas y somos mas tranquilas para resolver estos casos, no como el papa que puso el GRITO EN EL CIELOOOO!
    Adalia Montalvo
    adaliadelcompar at gmail dot com

  • Ashley R

    Why do the most disgusting, funniest stories of kids have to involve poop!?!?! When me son was about 6 months old, my hubby and I took our son out for the day and we stopped at In N’ Out burger to eat. It was very busy (lunch rush) and we were stuck sitting in a tiny corner, without the use of a highchair for our son. So, we took turns holding him on our laps while the other ate. Well, my son got “the look”……and then there was a grunt. I asked my hubby to check his diaper. It was a hot summer day, so he was in a onsie/romper type outfit. He pulled the diaper out a little from the side a did a finger test………why he did it that way, I will never know! As he did this, liquid poo was spewing out. In a panic, I put a napkin over it, grabbed my son from my husband (who had a really dirty finger) and the diaper bag, and RAN to the restrooms. Guess what……no changing station!!! And the counter was wet and filthy. So, I ran back out, grabbed my husband (left the remainder of our food) and ran to the car. We have a small vehicle, and there are no flat surfaces long enough to change a diaper. We pulled out the stroller and laid the back down. This was the messiest, fullest diaper I’ve ever changed!!!!!! There was poo everywhere. It ended up on his blanket, outfit, and even his shoes!?! It was on my shirt too. I used about 30 wipes too. I will never forget the panic of that poopy diaper that day.

    I know every parent has gone through something similar to this. This is just my version!

  • PapiBlogger

    Hey Ashley,

    We’ve had a lot of events lately so we will definitely include your entry in this contest! Thanks for your post and I agree, poop usually beats other disgusting things that happen with kids but I’m sure there’s other stories out there 🙂

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