Being a Father of Four… is what makes me 2x stronger! #AngelSoft

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If ever there were a cliche that rings true for me as a father of four it’s the one that  says “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

I don’t know what kind of person I would be without children but I know that being a father has made me twice as strong, efficient and wiser than I would have been without kids.

One of the most interesting ways that having this many kids has had on my life is that it’s forced me to be creative about how I manage EVERY part of my life and work.  For example, on a personal level, I have learned to accept that no two days are ever going to be alike.  Sometimes all the kids seemed to be magically in sync and cooperative, and on other days they are fussy with each other and/or with me and no amount of discipline seems to make a difference.

The biggest challenge my wife and I face has to do with how we manage our businesses and our family.  I wish we had a magic wand for this but there isn’t one.  The way we manage both is simply by being very flexible with each other and by using our time and resources very creatively.  Managing a household full of children means I may schedule meetings a little later in the morning than most people do, or that we make a dinner meeting conditional on bringing one or two of the younger children whenever a babysitter is not available.  If one of the kids has to go to the doctor, well, that won’t be easy on our schedule but my wife an I deal with it as best we could by moving our schedules around.

All in all, being a father of four and a business owner has made me twice as strong and better at both tasks.  I have learned to be more efficient with my time and to live a more organized life (believe it or not).  I may have to plan ahead anticipating what morning pitfalls may occur but knowing this is normal makes the adjustments that constantly have to be made less stressful.  Despite the many personal sacrifices and hard work of it all I wouldn’t trade having my four children for anything else in the world because they have made me 2x stronger than if I never had them.

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  • Martha

    A challenge for me was being a single mother of three girls. Luckily, they were all girls and they each put in a little work to help me take some weight off my shoulders. Having a tight mother-to-daughters bond definitely helped me be very strong.

  • Melissa

    One of my biggest challenges was trying to juggle family and personal commitments as a single twenty-something. I was helping to care for my elderly mother, my teenage nephew moved in with me, and I was trying to juggle grad school and work. At the time I was very overwhelmed and really resented being in that situation. But as I’ve grown I realize that those challenges are what have made me 2x stronger, and into the strong and independent woman that I am today. I cherish those moments that I was able to spend with my mom who is no longer with me. My nephew is now 21, and he recently told me that he appreciated all that I had done for him and that he understands how difficult it must have been for me. I could only smile, because I know that he is 2x stronger too!

  • One of the biggest challenges was working in the retail industry and having a schedule that was not stable. I would work until midnight, and at 6am the next day every weekend, and on holidays. Children need some stability and it’s hard to keep a routine for a child like everyone recommends when you can’t even set a routine for your life. I am still in the retail industry, I am now working in the outside sales department where I hold a mon-fri 8-5 job, but my past experience made me stronger because now I understand the team I manage and their family needs, and I do not take a second with my child for granted. Would I go back to that crazy schedule? definitely not, not worth it one bit.

  • Manny

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