The One-Time Rule Trick

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The One-Time Rule Trick is one of the most important tricks I use because it can literally be life-saving.  I'll explain why it can be life-saving in a moment but before I do let me […] Read More >>

The Beat Your Bully Trick

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My son Jonathan is now 10, which is roughly the same age when I first experienced what a bully was.  I had a bully when I was 10 who for all I know may be […] Read More >>

The Every NFL Season is Different Trick

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The Every NFL Season is Different Trick is about life changes, the truth about movie sequels and other things that we grow up thinking will end up being similar, if not the same as the one before it but never are.

The Happy Warning Trick

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Every other week I get to pick up my two older kids from my previous marriage at school for their weekend with dad.  It's a wonderful time for us because no matter how they may […] Read More >>

My Little Diary Trick

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If you have a child, boy or girl, that's 10 years or older, buy them a nice diary and urge them to use it.  The Little Diary Trick is one of those ideas I can […] Read More >>

Why Brothers Should Bother Sisters

It's good for brothers to bother their sisters. It's not something I brag to my son about but it's true. This story explains why.

The Lost Jet Ski Trick

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The Lost Jet Ski Trick is an efficient way to find children who have lost you at a fair or theme park. This post will tell you how it works.

The Most Dangerous Place in The World

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You may think the most dangerous place in the world is Afghanistan, Sudan or Darfur but from my parenting point of view I've got my children focused on parking lots.

Why Tricks are Better than Lessons

The challenge of getting kids to listen to us adults is really hard so to get the attention of my two older kids, Jonathan (10) and Elena (6), I've learned to almost never teach them something in the form of the universally dreaded "lesson" but rather in the shape of "tricks."

Lovely, Love My Family by The Roots One of the best things that happened to me when my one-year-old Briani was born was that her birth forced me to revisit all the kid-friendly channels and […] Read More >>