The Old School Games Trick

The Old School Games Trick Thumbnail

In the beginning of my "career" as a video game junkie in the late 70s there was no Playstation or Xbox.  Back then, avid arcade players like me had to settle for what are now […] Read More >>

PapiBlogger’s 10,000-mile Epic Family Roadtrip Set for Father’s Day Launch Thumbnail

A Miami family of five is about to embark on what might be this century’s epic U.S. family road trip. Starting on Father’s Day, founder and father of three Manny Ruiz, his wife Angela and their children Briani (1), Elena (6) and Jonathan (10) will embark on a 10,000-mile PapiBlogger Family Road Trip that will circle the four corners of the continental United States.

The Collecting Countries Trick is for Your Kids to Learn to Eat Different Foods Thumbnail

My two older kids Jonathan (10) and Elena (6) have already eaten more foods from more countries than most adults will ever try in their entire lifetime. If you didn't know them before they first […] Read More >>

The Dangerous Donkey Trick

The Dangerous Donkey Trick Thumbnail

My wife, kids and I were recently at a local park's chocolate festival when something stunning happened to my one year-old Briani.  As my son Jonathan took his little sister near a donkey that a […] Read More >>

Huggies’ Jeans Diaper Video an instant classic

PapiBlogger couldn't help but showcase this clever new commercial from Huggies. Enjoy […] Read More >>

The Power of Cuna Trick for a Fuzzy-for-Nothing Baby Thumbnail

The first word my one year old daughter Briani learned was "papa."  The first one she learned to fear was "cuna." For those who are Spanish-language challenged, "cuna" means crib.  In my house and outside […] Read More >>

Awesome Ruiz Costa Rica Family Adventure Video

This is an exceptional family video we compiled following the Ruiz Family's great Costa Rica vacation in 2009.

The Silent Cry Trick

The Silent Cry Trick Thumbnail

Tengo bastantes trucos en lo que se refiere al asunto de “mala conducta y castigos” para los niños; pero hoy quiero hablar de un truco muy práctico que aprendí hace varios años en una clase de paternidad. Se trata del ´truco del grito silencioso´.

In this classic video from 2008, my then four year old Elena whacks her brother and shows why she's no wimpy push over girl.

The Close Your Eyes Trick for inappropriate movies Thumbnail

This post will show you how to responsibly show your kids certain R-rated movies. It will help you exhibit many borderline R-rated movies that you wish you could show your kids except for those parts that you wish weren't in the movie you want them to see.

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