Black History Month is About Real People that Impacted My Life Thumbnail

In order to bring Black History Month to life I like to tell my children about real African Americans that have impacted my life so today I want to acknowledge two Black Americans (one a man and another a woman) who in one way or another have touched my life.

REVIEW: Sprint ID’s Spanish-language Lo2Yo Packs

REVIEW: Sprint ID’s Spanish-language Lo2Yo Packs Thumbnail

Even though smartphones keep getting more advanced and easier to use, there are still throngs of people who, like my mom and sister, marvel at what these handsets can do and believe they’re still too sophisticated to handle.

Into the despair of technophobia comes Sprint with its refreshingly simple Sprint ID.

GUEST POST BY MIGDALIA RIVERA Latina On a Mission This Wednesday, PapiBlogger will join Hispanicize and several Latino bloggers as co-hosts for the first Hispanicize Twitter Party of 2011, sponsored by Sprint.  Of course, you […] Read More >>

Intelligent Giving Leads To A Movement For A Generation of Kids Thumbnail

Goal setting and financial education for children is imperative to our children’s future. Every parent should be looking at teaching fiscal responsibility with the same importance as, say, math. This mindset will lead to a movement and a brighter future for children who don’t have the “me” mentality and who aren’t aware that saving, rather than using credit, is the way to a financially responsible, happy, way of life.

The Day I ALMOST Became an Official Car Worshipper

The Day I ALMOST Became an Official Car Worshipper Thumbnail

Ok, before I go anywhere too strange with this, let me start by saying that the folks at General Motors got me THISCLOSE to actually becoming an official car enthusiast.  Given that I’m in Detroit […] Read More >>

I’m No Car Guy But I Know Some Cool Ones When I See Them Thumbnail

As my wife and friends will tell you, I really don’t know much about cars except that I own two and last year my family and I drove a Chevrolet Traverse 12,000 miles in 46 […] Read More >>

How to Use Twitter to Protect Your Family and Your Neighborhood, Pt. 1 Thumbnail

Used smartly, Twitter can be a useful tool for neighborhood crime prevention. This story tells you how the strategic use of hashtags can be an effective weapon against burglaries and other undesirable activities taking place in your neighborhood.

Filtering Movies for the Family is Easier With These Handy Apps Thumbnail

A couple weeks ago a film buff family member of mine told me about two smart phone-related apps that he uses to determine if and how he will watch certain movies with his 10-year-old daughter.

The two film parenting guides are the IMDB Parenting Guide and the Kids in Mind web site and app. Both guides intentionally discuss movie content based on such categories as “Sex/Nudity”, “Violence/Gore” and “Profanity” and neither attempts to make value judgments about whether movies should or shouldn’t be seen.

Come play, learn and discover on Discovery Familia! {Sponsored story} Thumbnail

Every day Discovery Familia offers preschoolers entertaining series, imaginative characters and exciting new worlds of exploration and discovery, via its Discovery Kids block with up to 13 continuous hours of programming that mothers can trust […] Read More >>

It was a bit late in being uploaded but here’s a very short video we compiled to encourage you, our readers and friends, to remember the hard and often thankless work of the Salvation Army. […] Read More >>