The Two-Year-Old and the Centenarian

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Abuela and Naomi

Naomi and Abuela

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Disney Junior. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

My grandmother Micaela turned 100 in March and that has me on edge because I know that the older she gets, the more likely I won’t have many more memories to build with my beloved grandma, our family’s matriarch.

A couple days ago I got the rare treat of having my grandmother come over to my house to celebrate my daughter Naomi’s 2nd birthday. We held a small daytime cake celebration themed around Sofia the First because that’s Naomi’s favorite Disney Junior character but for me it was an extra special Disney family memory because abuela is 98 years older than Naomi and my daughter is still (until later this year) the youngest member of my grandma’s ever expanding family.

I cherish these moments and so when my two year old had her centenarian great grandmother at her little birthday party the other day, well, we celebrated Naomi’s life but we also noted that this birthday party was truly one for the ages (no pun intended).

Below are some photos we took to capture this incredible family memory courtesy of Disney Junior.  Disney Junior has launched a special Facebook app to encourage families to submit their own family memories in order to win a sweepstakes.  Disney Junior logoHere’s the link to the sweepstakes: so be sure to enter!

Naomi's Birthday Cake Naomi's Birthday Family Photo Naomi's Bday-7

Naomi's Bday-14

Big brother tries to show his baby sister how to blow the candles.

Naomi's Bday-13

Naomi approaches her candles but still doesn’t quite get how to blow them out.

Naomi's Bday-15

Everyone waits for Naomi to blow the candles as Jonathan continues to coach Naomi to blow them out.

Naomi's Bday-13

The anticipation rises as it appears Naomi will finally blow out her candles.

Naomi's Bday-18

Naomi attempts to touch the candles. Um, that’s not a good idea so mom pushes her hand away.

Naomi's Bday-19

Instead of blowing out her candles, Naomi gets too close to them and they burn part of her hair. This photo captures the moment her hair nipped the candles and Briani’s shocked reaction.

My aunts Millin and Mercedes join in their own cake photo with abuela Micaela and Naomi.

My aunts Millin and Mercedes join in their own cake photo with abuela Micaela and Naomi.

Naomi's Bday-6

My tia Millin helps feed abuela Micaela.

Naomi's Bday-21 Naomi's Bday-24

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  • Maybelline

    What a blessing being able to have her as part of the celebration. You have a beautiful family!

  • BohemianBabushka

    Soooooo…. did our future president blow out her first cake??? It says a lot que tu hijo Jonathan tries to help his little sister instead of getting impatient; te felicito. Continued blessings with such a beautiful family. Y don’t rule out Abuela’s longevity- las Cubanas, somos duras! ; ) BB2U

  • Papiblogger

    thanks for your beautiful thoughts Babushka and Maybelline! Un abrazo para las dos!

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