(English) A Tale to Uplift the Teachers in Your Life

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  • Steph Zamora 11

    God bless you for posting this PapiBlogger!!!!!!!!!! I work at a school that serves over 90% lower socioeconomic students. The end of the year has arrived and I’m tired and frustrated. This article reminded me of why I went into education. Blessings :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Manny-Ruiz/1558595961 Manny Ruiz

    glad you liked it and keep fighting the good fight Steph because it would be a dark world without teachers!

  • Maria Ruiz

    I agree, it begins with parents being more “appreciative” of teachers, and administrators showing more respect and consideration for this most sacrificial career! Right now, the Teachers who are mostly feeling the demoralization and ‘budget cuts’ on teachers are the Special Area ones, like me: Art, Music, P.E., Media,etc…but what people don’t realize that if things keep going in this direction, it will trickle down to ALL teachers–(it’s already happening in some school.)MORE Parental involvement is crucial to uplift teachers and make things the way they ‘used to be’…Let’s pray and hope for more funding, less criticizing and for Florida to give FCAT a rest, for goodness sake!…Our children deserve a better future!!

    Maria Garcia-Ruiz (Jonathan and Elena’s mom) =)

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