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Anuncio Nuevo de Pampers Es Apropriado Para La Temporada Festiva Thumbnail

(English) Every once in a while we feature cool family-friendly commercials in this space that catch our attention.  Even though it may not have been Pampers intention the name, subject and timing of this Spanish-language ad couldn't be more appropriate given its focus on the miracle of birth and Christmas.

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Los chicos de PapiBlogger anuncian ganadores del Concurso Fotográfico Infantil PapiBlogger de Halloween de este año, co-presentado por McDonald’s y Sony Thumbnail

(English) My family and I want to thank all of you who participated in this year's PapiBlogger Halloween Kid Photo Contest co-presented by our sponsors Sony and McDonald's. My children, Jonathan, Elena and Briani poured through numerous photo entries and really enjoyed the process of using their critical thinking skills to pick this year's winners.

(English) Here's today's national TV segment from Despierta America about PapiBlogger.

(English) The "No Se Toca" or "Don't Touch" Trick. This trick is not just about telling your child to not touch something or about telling them that and lightly spanking them to remember you said not to touch something. This is an advanced version of that method.

Este Bebe Tiene Un Tremendo Ritmo!

Este video es un clasico instantaneo de YouTube!

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(English) This is an exceptional family video we compiled following the Ruiz Family's great Costa Rica vacation in 2009.

(English) In this classic video from 2008, my then four year old Elena whacks her brother and shows why she's no wimpy push over girl.