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EVALUACION: Paquetes Lo2Yo en español de Sprint ID Thumbnail

(English) Even though smartphones keep getting more advanced and easier to use, there are still throngs of people who, like my mom and sister, marvel at what these handsets can do and believe they're still too sophisticated to handle.

Into the despair of technophobia comes Sprint with its refreshingly simple Sprint ID.

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(English) Goal setting and financial education for children is imperative to our children’s future. Every parent should be looking at teaching fiscal responsibility with the same importance as, say, math. This mindset will lead to a movement and a brighter future for children who don’t have the “me” mentality and who aren’t aware that saving, rather than using credit, is the way to a financially responsible, happy, way of life.

El día en que CASI me convierto en adorador oficial de autos Thumbnail

Bueno, antes de que parezca demasiado raro el encabezamiento, déjeme comenzar diciendo que los funcionarios de General Motors CASI me transforman en un entusiasta oficial del automovilismo. Dado que estoy en Detroit para su exposición […] Read More >>

No soy experto en vehículos pero conozco uno bueno en cuanto lo veo Thumbnail

No soy experto en vehículos pero conozco uno bueno en cuanto lo veo Como podrán decirle mi esposa y mis amigos, no conozco mucho de automóviles, excepto que tengo dos, y que el año pasado […] Read More >>

Cómo usar Twitter para proteger a su familia y a su vecindario. Parte 1 Thumbnail

(English) Used smartly, Twitter can be a useful tool for neighborhood crime prevention. This story tells you how the strategic use of hashtags can be an effective weapon against burglaries and other undesirable activities taking place in your neighborhood.

La selección de películas apropiadas para la familia es más fácil con estas útiles aplicaciones Thumbnail

(English) A couple weeks ago a film buff family member of mine told me about two smart phone-related apps that he uses to determine if and how he will watch certain movies with his 10-year-old daughter.

The two film parenting guides are the IMDB Parenting Guide and the Kids in Mind web site and app. Both guides intentionally discuss movie content based on such categories as “Sex/Nudity”, “Violence/Gore” and “Profanity” and neither attempts to make value judgments about whether movies should or shouldn’t be seen.