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Atención, padres fanáticos de la limpieza: ¡Los niños pintan las paredes! Thumbnail

(English) My two-year-old Briani, for example, who on the very same week she first ever decided to create a mural with her Crayola crayons on our dining room wall also used her artistic talent to “paint” our hallway’s wall with her poop.

Aviso de Concurso Fotográfico Sony Bloggie: ¡Envíenos por email su foto favorita de su hijo o hija el Día de las Brujas y gane! Thumbnail

(English) My wife and two older children Jonathan and Elena are going to award a Sony Bloggie to the best Halloween 2010 kid costume photo that is submitted to us between today and election day November 2. A second and third place prize of McDonald's Arch Cards will also be awarded.

(English) In the spirit of crazy parenting moments I’m giving away a Sony Bloggie to the person who can tell us the most disgusting thing that any of their children ever did when they were young. PapiBlogger will pick three finalists and put them up for a vote online with a poll. The entries must be posted to this story.

Por qué nuestra bebita va a dormir con nosotros Thumbnail

(English) A couple months ago I wrote that I was having a tough time getting my two-year-old Briani to sleep in her crib. I had bed broken my two older kids so even though my wife was against it, I thought I would be able to persist enough that I would manage to officially get our toddler to sleep in her bed.

Well, it turns out Briani won this battle. After two years of battling my wife and toddler about this issue I gave in to her.

Trucos para los padres durante la temporada de gripe – 2da. parte Thumbnail

(English) As I mentioned in part one of this two part series, I take treat my kids’ hygiene habits very seriously and not just because we’re at the start of the flu season. Strong hygiene habits are a year round practice that I believe can be life saving so here are some of my favorite home grown tricks I use with my kids

Trucos para los padres durante la temporada de gripe – 1ra parte Thumbnail

Como mis tres hijos acostumbran a correr y pelear entre sí para ver quién es el primero en tocar el botón del ascensor, el otro día les revelé finalmente la terrible realidad acerca de ese tipo de botones.

Discovery Familia: El Canal Que Las Mamás Hispanas Estaban Esperando (Patrocinado) Thumbnail

Ahora las mamás hispanas que viven en Estados Unidos cuentan con un canal en español dedicado totalmente a ellas y a sus niños en edad preescolar. Discovery Familia ha sido rediseñado para reflejar específicamente a […] Read More >>

RESEÑA DE PRODUCTOS: Muñeca “Josefina” de American Girl es un magnífico regalo cultural para el mes de la Hispanidad y otras fechas Thumbnail

(English) Okay, let me start by saying that the last time PapiBlogger played with dolls 30 years ago he was busy blowing them up with firecrackers. I don't like dolls and I typically don't do doll reviews but when American Girl approached me for Hispanic Heritage Month with a beautiful 'Josefina' doll, I made an exception.

Este truco ayudará a su familia a viajar en avión sin estrés Thumbnail

(English) Our family air travel advice is what I call the Leave-the-Plane-Last trick. Simply put this means that when traveling with your kids (or alone for that matter) you should always let everyone else in the ENTIRE plane disembark first.

Enseñe a sus hijos a estar seguros y a ser confiables con el “Truco de reportarse en 5 minutos” Thumbnail

Para lograr un equilibrio entre mi necesidad de proteger a mi hijo, y el deseo de Jonathan de que confíen en él, he creado lo que llamo la regla de “Los cinco minutos para reportarse”. La misma consiste en que cada vez que mi hijo va a ver si su amigo está en casa, tiene exactamente cinco minutos para informarme qué está haciendo con sus amigos.