Why Brothers Should Bother Sisters

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Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.

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  • Melissa Sustaita

    A child’s development is greatly impacted by their sibling(s), especially if they are close in age as they may spend a significant amount of time together. Based on birth order and family structure during critical developmental periods of their life, children are undoubtedly influenced by their siblings on a social-emotional level, which may effect attitude, behavior, interpersonal relationships, and individuation. So, whether it be brothers bothering sisters or vice versa, they can each teach one another a thing or two about life, and probably won’t realize it.

    As for women who grew up with pestering brothers having better relationships later in life… 1) Healthy relationships should not equal marriage and 2) Healthy relationships should not equal having children. Healthy relationships include how someone relates with friends, family, colleagues, and intimate partners. Healthy relationships are shaped by much more than an annoying sibling, or parents for that matter. As one develops (individuation), s/he comes to a point in their life where they choose which behaviors/ attitudes/ traditions they want to carry forward with them from their original family unit, and what they will do differently. Observing healthy relationship practices within a family is the most beneficial for anyone – sons and daughters. These include: open communication, conflict resolution, personal responsiblity, support/ encouragement, autonomy, trust, and unconditional love.

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