The Most Dangerous Place in The World

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  • Liz


    Whenever we are in the parking lot, I make sure they are holding on to the cart. If they let go, I stop and will not MOVE til they hold the cart again. Same thing when we’re holing hands. I also try to make the conversation more interesting, so that they want to stay with me and talk til we reach the car.

    Still even though with that, I’ve had a few instances in which my nena almost gave me a heart attack!!

    Thanks for the great trick! (:

  • Lisa

    I always make my 2 1/2 year old son hold my hand whenever we’re in a parking lot or on the street. One day, we were walking through a parking lot by a police station and we saw 2 police cars speeding through with lights and sirens (woo-woos). I told my son, and now he repeats after me, that it’s important to hold hands in the parking lot because sometimes cars go by “really really fast, like the woo-woos.”

    Great blog – congratulations & keep the tricks coming!

  • Danny

    You are absolutely right. It only took a second, literally, for our two-year-old to escape her reach and dart out into the parking lot of the McDonald’s we were at. Thankfully nothing happened. My wife was distraught for most of the day.

    My wife is extremely responsible, always aware, constantly after our kids. She NEVER drops the ball. Even with this immaculate record and with the constant attention she pays to our children, our son was still able to take advantage of a single moment in time that otherwise would seem meaningless.

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