(English) The Let the Baby Cry Trick

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Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.

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  • Roxana

    Welcome to my world! I know what it means to have a kid that doesn’t want to sleep. There many theories about letting your son/daughter cry or simply admit that the Family Bed is the best scenario until the kids are ready to sleep in their own bed. My husband and I opted for the family bed for a while and all of us slept better as a result. I don’t believe letting your kids cry is the best solution. It causes a separation, distance from the parents and numerous studies suggest that kids who are sleep-trained at an early age don’t grow confident, self-assured or independent — totally contrary to what is the popular belief…so if Briani is happy with you guys…enjoy it! She will grow so fast that you will miss having her in your bed.

  • Lisa

    We didn’t do the family bed, but we did snuggle our 2 1/2 year old son to sleep until he just got too big to be comfortable on our laps! Even now, we give him his “green blankie” and rub his back – at naptime he usually falls asleep after 10 minutes or so. At bedtime, he listens to his crib soother until he falls asleep. My husband usually puts him to bed, and he will lie down in our room next door “for 10 minutes” and B. was not going down for his naps, but it was extremely stressful, it didn’t work after 2 weeks like you read in the books, and it turns out that he was transitioning to a later naptime and more of a “big boy” schedule after all.

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