The Way Things Are

Forgive Me for Celebrating Fidel Castro’s Death But I Must Thumbnail

How does one respond to the death of a man who for more than 57 years symbolized the very embodiment of evil?  A man who’s iron fist rule of a country over the course of […] Read More >>

PapiBlogger marks Fourth Anniversary with New Web site, Renewed Focus Thumbnail

Four years ago this month, in a move that was truly spur of the moment but timed to coincide with my first annual Hispanicize event in Dallas, I launched in order to document my own family’s […] Read More >>

PHOTO ESSAY: Briani’s Taco-eating Moment

PHOTO ESSAY: Briani’s Taco-eating Moment Thumbnail

[…]

The Laptop and the Thief

The Laptop and the Thief Thumbnail

It was a miserably cold, rainy night in San Francisco. My business partner Cristy and I were taking the last red-eye flight of the night and had passed through airport security (TSA) when I noticed […] Read More >>

Letterman’s Hilarious Top 10 List of Department Store Santa Pet Peeves Thumbnail

10. No time off for Hanukkah 9. Dumb people think I’m Kenny Rogers 8. Whenever triplets show up, I have to snap on a third knee 7. January through November 6. One year, Macy’s tried […] Read More >>

7 Thoughts on the Sandy Hook Elementary Murders

7 Thoughts on the Sandy Hook Elementary Murders Thumbnail

BY MANNY RUIZ (@MannyRuiz) 1. The Sandy Hook murders were plain and simple EVIL.  Yes, it may well be that Sandy Hook murderer Adam Lanza had a history of mental issues, Dyslexia or whatever will […] Read More >>

Photographic Journey: Our Thanksgiving Family Vacation in New York Thumbnail

By MANNY RUIZ Our Thanksgiving break family vacation to New York marked a number of milestones for our infant Naomi and her sister Briani.  Our trip began with a few days in the city, where […] Read More >>

And Then There Were Two: Meet the new West Coast PapiBlogger Octavio Navarro Thumbnail

BY MANNY RUIZ (@MannyRuiz) I love blogging because over the past two years of publishing I’ve had the chance to journal about my family and in the process I’ve been able to do some […] Read More >>

PHOTO ESSAY: Voting with My Kids is All in My Familia

PHOTO ESSAY: Voting with My Kids is All in My Familia Thumbnail

BY MANNY RUIZ (@MannyRuiz)  I’m more jaded than ever about politics and politicians but one thing I don’t ever pass up is the opportunity to take my kids with me to the voting booth.  Today’s brave […] Read More >>

Diary of a Mad Traveling Papi: West Coast Trip Marks Many Milestones Thumbnail

My wife Angela and I just concluded a whirlwind 12-day visit to the West Coast that included baby Naomi’s first airplane ride, her first family road trip courtesy of the new Ford Fusion, celebrity encounters […] Read More >>