June 2011

Wordless Wednesday: The Urgent Diaper Change

Wordless Wednesday: The Urgent Diaper Change Thumbnail

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Parenting Tip: In the event your child eats a Jalapeño have them immediately drink some milk. Water won’t do anything to cure the heat but milk will bring it under control […] Read More >>

REVIEW: Sprint’s Samsung Replenish phone

sprint, samsung replenish

  As I mentioned in a previous post, my friends at Sprint sent me their new Samsung Replenish smartphone, the first eco-friendly Samsung device powered by Android, to test out. I took this phone with […] Read More >>

Profile: Raul Colon Co-Founder of PapaHeroes

Profile: Raul Colon Co-Founder of PapaHeroes Thumbnail

  Tell us about PapaHeroes and the concept behind it. Many months ago a conversation with a good friend of mine and ex colleague in the IT Security Field, Guillermo Trillo identified the lack of […] Read More >>

Pampers Celebrates Influential South Florida Fathers with Luau Thumbnail

In all the craziness of Father’s Day Week last week I almost forgot to thank Pampers for honoring me as one of “South Florida’s Most Influential Dads”.  Pampers held a very classy, luau-style dinner for […] Read More >>

A Hashtag for Latino Dads is Born: #LatinoDads

A Hashtag for Latino Dads is Born: #LatinoDads Thumbnail

One of the few things I sincerely love about Twitter are hashtags.  The world of Twitter has hashtags for nearly every hobby, cause and calamity in the world so today I want to announce the […] Read More >>

Wordless Wednesday: Wet Summer Siblings

Wordless Wednesday: Wet Summer Siblings Thumbnail

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For Latino Dads, it’s Extra Hard to be a Great Father Thumbnail

In my Latino world, it’s universally understood that from the time we’re born, our lives will revolve around mama.  Oh papi matters too, sure – sorta, maybe, sometimes – but mama?  Well, in general, mama […] Read More >>

Father’s Day TV interview with PapiBlogger is tomorrow on Univision Network’s ‘Desayuno Alegre’ Thumbnail

Hey friends and familia, tomorrow is Father’s Day and PapiBlogger is very blessed to say he will appear on Univision’s national TV show “Desayuno Alegre” for an in-studio interview about being a Latino father.  My […] Read More >>

Guest Post: “Sometimes I Think I’m Wearing a Skirt” Thumbnail

  So, this week marks another year of Father’s Day Week here at PapiBlogger. Today our “Keeping it Real” post is on TUN TUN TUN TUN TAHHHH… Fox News Latino! “Sometimes I Think I’m Wearing […] Read More >>