February 2011

As many of you know PapiBlogger has been busy organizing Hispanicize 2011, the first national conference to bring all the Latina and Latino bloggers together, April 6-8.  Tonight a lucky blogger will win conference passes […] Read More >>

Do You Know Your Child’s Love Language?

Do You Know Your Child’s Love Language? Thumbnail

Desconozco cuál es el lenguaje amoroso de su hijo, pero es muy probable que evolucione. Tal y como la esposa del pastor descubrió, podría ser muy diferente a lo que usted piensa que debía ser. Este proceso de estudiar el lenguaje del amor de su hijo dura toda la vida y no será cosa fácil.

Black History Month is About Real People that Impacted My Life Thumbnail

In order to bring Black History Month to life I like to tell my children about real African Americans that have impacted my life so today I want to acknowledge two Black Americans (one a man and another a woman) who in one way or another have touched my life.