September 2010

Despite Your Failures, Make Your Kids Aim Real High in Life Thumbnail

The next time somebody reminds you how you shouldn’t be so tough with your kids because you expect the best from them, tell those people to go fly a kite. No matter what failures you’ve had in your life, you raise the standards you have for your kids R

PapiBlogger Featured on ‘Tell Me More’ National Public Radio Show Today Focused on Parenting Thumbnail

PapiBlogger was part of a distinguished national panel of fathers who appeared on National Public Radio (NPR) today to talk about “Dads Do Parenting and Education on Their Terms”. Click on the radio player above to hear the 12 minute segment.

Beth Truett, president and CEO of Oral Health America shared some insights with PapiBlogger about how to get toddlers to brush their teeth. These tips are a perfect compliment to the British Teeth Trick I previously wrote about for older children. Check out that trick here.

Why You Should Handle Your Children’s Lies With an Iron Fist Thumbnail

When it comes to punishments for our kids we treat lies more forcefully than anything else. This story explains why you should deal harshly with any and all lies.

Video of PapiBlogger segment on Despierta America

Here’s today’s national TV segment from Despierta America about PapiBlogger.

PapiBlogger and Family Being Featured on Despierta America this morning! Thumbnail

PapiBlogger and his family are scheduled to appear on the prestigious Univision Network show “Despierta America” for a segment about PapiBlogger and the unique journey the family took this summer through 12,000, 46 days and […] Read More >>

Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Teens the Right to Privacy Thumbnail

This story explains why kids under 18 should have extremely limited rights to privacy.

Parenting Blogs PapiBlogger and Mamá Contemporánea Issue National Call for Gift Ideas for the 2010 PapiBlogger Holiday Gift Guide Thumbnail

Latino parenting blogs PapiBlogger and Mamá Contemporánea are issuing a “national call for gift ideas” for the 2010 PapiBlogger Holiday Gift Guide.

Make Your Family’s Fall TV Season Viewing a One TV Set Ritual Thumbnail

Ahora que ya tengo hijos me doy cuenta de que tener más de un TELEVISOR OFICIAL en la familia (con la excepción de uno en el caso de los matrimonies) es un gran error. A continuación, algunas razones convincentes por las cuales debo poner en práctica el Truco de Un Solo Televisor para lograr la unidad familiar.

Three Keys to Convincing Your Kids They Must Learn Spanish Thumbnail

This story is about the three keys to motivate your kids to want to learn how to speak Spanish.