August 2010

Working on the original Florida anti-tobacco “truth” campaign, as I did from 1998 to 2000, gave me some terrific insights about parenting. This story is about some of the great insights parents can glean from the “truth” movement that still continues today.

REVIEW: Lightscoop Eliminates Ugly Flash Problems for Most Digital SLR Cameras Thumbnail

PapiBlogger took Lightscoop for a test drive and finds that it really does eliminate most ugly flash problems for most digital SLR cameras.

Biographies About Your Kids Can Become a Creative Tradition for Your Family Thumbnail

One of my most prized treasures on earth is my old kindergarten class workbook that my late grandmother Margarita and then my late father Tony preserved for me.  That colorful workbook has all of my […] Read More >>

Ronald McDonald House Charities Needs Your Spare Change – Here’s Why Thumbnail

Like most people, I’ve seen the Ronald McDonald House Charities boxes a million times. Occasionally I’ve dumped my loose change in it but more times than not, I haven’t. Truth is that until this summer, when my wife, kids and I went up close and personal with RMHC we didn’t really know how this incredible charity impacts families

PROMOTION: National Balloon Time ‘Put A Face On Fun’ Contest Now Open thru Nov. 14 Thumbnail

The fourth annual “Put A Face On Fun ” contest is now open, and the reward is even greater this year.

PapiBlogger Facebook Fan Page winners of ‘Guess How Many Photos We Took’ Contest Announced Thumbnail

PapiBlogger proudly announces the winners of its “Guess How Many Photos We Took” Contest.

The ‘Try Every Food Twice Trick’ is for Showing Kids to Give New Foods a Chance Thumbnail

The Try Every Food Twice Trick is about showing your children that they need to give foods they haven’t eaten before a chance to be liked. At least two times.

The ‘No Se Toca’ Obedience Trick for Toddlers

The “No Se Toca” or “Don’t Touch” Trick. This trick is not just about telling your child to not touch something or about telling them that and lightly spanking them to remember you said not to touch something. This is an advanced version of that method.

REVIEW: Sprint Nextel’s HTC EVO 4G Smartphone is a Force to be Reckoned With Thumbnail

If you’re on the fence about which smartphone to buy, here’s a couple of things to consider about the Sprint Nextel HTC EVO 4G.

The Super Bribe Trick Will Help You Improve Your Kids’ Behavior Thumbnail

Most parents I know have a reward system for their kids to behave or do well in school. I have my version as well but in addition to that I have a special bribe system that today I want to share with you because it can actually help you get your kids to do positive, supernatural things IMMEDIATELY. I call this trick the Super Bribe Trick.